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Metro Manila transportation crisis reflects rotten economic system

October 15, 2019

Over the past few weeks, public attention has been focused on the massive traffic problem that plagues millions of commuters in Metro Manila. This came after the breakdown of rails and public transportation systems, as well as the gridlocks in Metro Manila’s main thoroughfares. The Duterte government has been trying to downplay the magnitude of the crisis and dodging responsibility over its failure to squarely and decisively forge solutions to the transportation problems. In the process, it has roused widespread […]

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Editorial October 7, 2019

Repudiate deception and oppression

Deception and oppression. Everyday, this is what Duterte and the AFP/PNP bring to the people in farms and mountains. They promise “Peace” and “Stability,” but their war against the people engenders only violence and poverty. Their showcase “services” fail to conceal the deep-seated problems of poverty and joblessness caused by land grabbing and dispossession. That […]


Ang Bayan Editoryal | Hadlangan ang banta ng batas militar sa kampus

Sa nagdaang ilang linggo, ginamit ni Bato dela Rosa, sunud-sunurang tuta ni Duterte, ang kanyang pwesto sa Senado, upang kahulan ang mga aktibistang kabataan at ang mga guro. Pinakapakay ni dela Rosa at ng mga upisyal ng AFP at PNP na alisin ang mga balakid para palakasin ang presensya ng mga pulis at sundalo sa loob ng mga kampus.

On the Question of People’s War in Industrial Capitalist Countries

I have been asked many times by avowed proletarian revolutionaries whether protracted people’s war as carried out by Mao in China can be successfully waged in capitalist countries where the industrial proletariat has become the majority class and the peasantry has become a minority class. I will try to answer the question in a theoretical […]


On the Imperialist Cultural Offensive

Colleagues and friends! It is my pleasure and honor to speak on the imperialist cultural offensive before this workshop to help set the framework for the topic “People’s Cultural Resistance Against Imperialist Cultural Offensive.” Indeed, a long-standing war exists between imperialism and oppressed peoples in the cultural arena. This has been ongoing ever since colonial […]


Overthrow the US-Marcos Dictatorship to Achieve National Freedom and Democracy

The essence of the formal declaration of martial law through Proclamation No. 1081 is the brazen imposition of the US-Marcos dictatorship on the entire Filipino nation and people. This proclamation is in effect the formal declaration of civil war by the US-Marcos clique against the broad masses of the people. At the same time, it […]